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Land off of Route 20 and future site of the pavilion

Finishing Phase One


A Capital Campaign to finish our approved Phase One plan, to enhance Our Lord’s Land to better serve the local community.

Our Start

God unfolded his vision for Orange Baptist Church 25 years ago. In 1997, we were looking for land to purchase within the town of Orange. On May 14, 1997, the Land Search Committee made a motion seeking authorization from the church “to negotiate a contract for the purchase of real estate in the town of Orange that would be contingent upon church approval." The motion was passed unanimously.

In a special called business meeting on Sunday, August 17, 1997, the members approved the purchase of 28 acres on Rt 15 north. 

In 2008 the congregation empowered a Vision Team to discern God’s will concerning needed repairs to our worship/educational facility on Main Street and what to do with the 28 acres. Out of that prayerful process came the strong sense that God wanted us to bless our community with the land. We were to use the land creatively and wisely for God’s glory. 


“Finishing Phase One” is in response to God’s vision to bless our community through improvements to the property. In 2008 GOD moved us to invest in site work to make the land suitable for use. With an approved Phase One site plan, we rerouted a water line that crossed the property, and excavated the land to include a future building site, soccer field, new paved entrance/exit, and gravel for the remaining roadway and parking lot. Since that time, we have hosted Outdoor Church Services during the COVID-19 pandemic, a wedding, two funeral services, added the Mustard Seed Garden to assist the Love Outreach Food Pantry with fresh vegetables, soccer teams, and the OCHS Lacrosse Team practices. 

On September 16th, 2022, the members approved moving forward with a  capital campaign for the construction of improvements to the Rt 15 north property, including a pavilion.


  • A pavilion that architecturally blends into the agricultural setting of the area, including a stone fireplace, kitchen, restrooms, and storage room. 

  • A play area for children.

  • A venue for meetings, family and community picnics, wedding receptions, concerts, and things not yet thought of.


Will you pray about what sacrifices God is asking you to make in support of our “Finishing Phase One” campaign as we enhance Our Lord’s Land to better serve the local community and our members?

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